China Wangke (Xiamen) Information Group Co., Ltd.Located in Xiamen, the beautiful island of Ludao, it is jointly founded by Australia Yingjun Health Holding Co., Ltd. (stock code EHH), Xiamen Yingjun Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yingjun Stock) (stock code 872833), Xiamen Yingjun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Macao Yingjun International Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.

The company was established in January 2021, relying on the background of two listed companies and the ability to integrate global resources, focusing on the development of the big health industry, focusing on the products of the same origin of medicine and food, providing chronic disease conditioning and maintenance programs, as well as more high-quality "specialized, refined, special and new" products, and promoting the chain landing of its brand physical stores through online shopping malls and offline regional agency mechanisms, from public domain traffic to private domain traffic, from membership to agents, big data management of private e-commerce is realized, so that traffic data can be won.


The company takes "let chronic disease, not chronic" as its corporate mission, takes industrial prosperity as its responsibility, provides an entrepreneurial platform for ordinary people, and helps strivers realize their dreams of wealth.

Zhongwangke Group is full of the corporate values of "Tzu Chi the world, compassion and talent", and is willing to join hands with knowledgeable and loving entrepreneurial partners in the world to seek the development of Zhongwangke's business,The capital market, to create the road of listing in Wangke.

2021 One

The company was established in January 2021.


Covering an area of about 30000 square meters

12 large dosage form

Fully automatic and semi-automatic production lines

9 One

Class 100000 dust-free workshop

3 One

Class 300000 dust-free workshop

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Follow Zhongwangke, Science and Technology Boang China!

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Corporate Vision

Build a global well-known brand

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Corporate Values

Tzu Chi helps the wise and talented people with compassion

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Business philosophy

Be good and do things with love.

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Enterprise Mission

Let chronic disease, "not chronic"

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spirit of enterprise

Dialogue with the world in the language of love