Gather in Zhongwanke and walk the capital road together

The best thing about spring is that it’s a good time to “set off”! On February 12, 2023, the Zhongwangke Equity Signing and Authorization Ceremony hosted by Zhongwangke (Xiamen) Information Group Co., Ltd. officially kicked off. This is a conference full of longing and accumulation of strength! More than 200 business elites from all over the country gathered at the Zhongwangke headquarters to participate in the grand event. It was a feast full of friendship and a transformation of common development. This event pushed the cooperation between the company and the elites to a higher level. High situation and create brilliance together. Looking back on the journey in 2022, we look forward to the future in 2023.


Guests sign in at the front desk to receive souvenirs


According to the meeting arrangement, we took a bus to Xiaopingshan Forest Park in the morning to visit the Dendrobium eagle planting base.


The bus is ready to go


Take a group photo at the entrance of Xiaopingshan Forest Park


Visit in an orderly manner


Mr. Deng introduces Dendrobium officinale to everyone



Take a group photo


Taking a group photo at the company headquarters


The equity signing and authorization ceremony of Zhongwangke officially started at 14:00 p.m.


Seating in an orderly manner at the venue


Chairman Zhang Mingwang’s summary and outlook








He Lanju and Tongan’s team performance ** won the first prize for outstanding team



Huang Junqi’s Yunnan team’s performance ** won the

Excellent Team Second Prize




He Yanping's Longyan team won the **

Excellent Team Third Prize



Mr. Chen Zhenlu and Mr. Cai Jiaming won the

Individual Special Contribution Award


Mr. Chen Zhenlu and Mr. Cai Jiaming received the Special Contribution Award for their suggestions for the company's vigorous development. This also reflects the company's broad mind of attaching great importance to talents and being able to listen to the voice of the market!

The third step: issuance of authorization plate and equity certificate

Chairman Zhang Mingwang issues authorization certificates and equity certificates to guests who have obtained regional agent and community dealer qualifications










The company's lecturer explains "The Company's Hot Products and New Product Previews" and "The Company's Business Model"

Sharing guests shared "Opportunities and Advantages" and special guests shared "Introduction to Capital Listing".



Lecturer Wang Li introduces "The company's hot products and new product previews"


Lecturer Zhou Xiaofeng introduces "Company Business Model"




Managing Director Mr. Cai Jiaming shared "Opportunities and Advantages"


Sharing guests shared their experience of the huge changes in the product before and after



The audience listened carefully


Special guest Xunshi International Ying Weiping introduced capital listing related content


Through understanding the company, products and business model, many newcomers on site firmly followed the company's listing and signed contracts to become district representatives! Congratulations and applause to them for their wise decision!



Ms. Chen Haiyan successfully signed the contract


Mr. Chen Yinzao signed the contract successfully


Mr. Wu Rongchang signed the contract successfully


Mr. Tang Quan signed the contract successfully



Mr. Chen Haiyuan signed the contract successfully



Ms. Tang Xiaoli signed the contract successfully


At this point, the equity signing and authorization ceremony of Zhongwangke has come to a successful conclusion.

The complete success of this conference will definitely empower the future development of Zhongwangke. Zhongwangke will also continue to keep pace with the times, timely adjust its market strategy, cater to the development of the times, layout the global market, and let Zhongwangke go out of China! Go to the world!