China Wangke (Xiamen) Information Group Co., Ltd. and mangshi Municipal People's Government Signed 0.8 billion Yuan Investment Cooperation Ceremony for Pharmaceutical and Health Products Production and Other Projects

5Month11On the same day, China Wangke (Xiamen) Information Group Co., Ltd. and Dehong Prefecture mangshi Municipal People's Government were in Xiamen.Tong'an DistrictEagleIndustrial ParkCooperation signing ceremony.Liu Yipeng, Deputy Governor of Dehong Prefecture People's GovernmentXie Jinxiang, Secretary of Mang Municipal CommitteeAttend the signing ceremony and address,XiamenZhongwangZhang Mingwang, Chairman of Branch Information Group Co., Ltd.Signed an agreement with Li Zongxu, vice mayor of Mangshi Municipal People's Government, on behalf of both parties.,The signing ceremony was presided over by Wu Ningping, a senior representative of Xiamen Yingjun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.. Middle Wangkefrom the whole countryEverywhereof30MultipleGenerationTableParticipationEntireSigningCeremony.       


The two sides will briefly introduce their respective situations and advantages..China Wangke Company by the vice presidentZhou JunyiIntroducing the EagleBig Health Industry, EagleIntroduction by Wang Changyong, Chief Engineer of R & DFor treatmentCancerofnew drugThe situation of the rhinoceros pill!


Eagle R & DTotalKing of WorkersChangyong Introductionrhinoceros yellowPill

The signing of the China Wangke (Mangshi) pharmaceutical health care products production and other project cooperation agreements, the total investment is expected to be8100 million yuan, relying on the geographical advantages and environmental resources advantages of Mangshi, the construction of drugs, health products production lines, medicine and food homologous ultramicro wall breaking, freeze-dried powder production lines and biotechnology research and development centers and other projects.Project landing,YesMiddle WangkeStrategyof the targetImplementation,Bettergroundserving the southwest market (Yunnan, Guangxi,Guizhou, Sichuan and other provinces). SimultaneouslyAlsoAccelerate the high-quality economic development of Dehong Prefecture, and promote the large-scale and modern development of agriculture and forestry in Mang City to the 2. tertiary industry.

ChapterThe chairman told the governor and his party about the development of the group.

Liu YipengLieutenant Governorsaid that DehongThe Belt and RoadThe important nodes and port cities have unique location advantages, rich resource endowments and superior business environment, which will better create a good development platform for related enterprises involved in biomedicine and health industries.

He stressed that the two sides should uphold a high sense of responsibility and mission,As soon as possibleEstablishmentCommunication between the two sidesMechanism,Promote the planning and layout of the project and other preliminary work, as soon as possible to achieve the landing of the project construction. The state departments at all levels have taken the initiative to cooperate and strengthen service guarantees,Sincere cooperation, to achieveMutual benefit and win-win, create and share.