China Wangke and the world financial holding group formally signed a contract

In the wangke wealth code from here on!

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On February 25, 2023,

It's a milestone day for the Middle Vang Branch

This is a day for China Wangke to open a new chapter and create a new glory,

This is also a day worth celebrating for all the families of China Wangke.

On this day, Chairman Zhang Mingwang, founder and leader of Zhongwangke, formally signed a contract with World Financial Holding Group on behalf of Zhongwangke, sounding the clarion call of Zhongwangke to the capital market! This is a Chinese capital feast for Zhongwangke. Zhongwangke's 2023 wealth code starts here!

Relying on the background and global resources of two listed companies, Eagle Health Holding Co., Ltd. (stock code EHH) and Xiamen Eagle Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. (stock code 872833), China Wangke focuses on the development of large-scale health industry, focusing on the products of the same origin of medicine and food, providing chronic disease conditioning and maintenance solutions, as well as more high-quality "specialized, refined, special and new" products, through the brand-new consumption subsidy model and regional agency mechanism to promote the landing of its brand-name physical stores, from public domain traffic to private domain traffic, from membership system to agents, to achieve big data management of private domain e-commerce, so that traffic data landing to win. China Wangke Group is willing to join hands with knowledgeable and loving business partners in the world to seek common development of China Wangke and win the capital market.

Taking "making chronic diseases not chronic" as the mission of the enterprise, taking industrial prosperity as the responsibility, providing a platform for ordinary people to start their own businesses, winning the capital market, and helping strivers realize their dreams of wealth, this is the original intention of Zhongwang Branch and the original intention of its founder, Mr. Zhang Mingwang! Chairman Zhang Mingwang, whose heart is beyond the sky and whose eyes are as far away as the stars. At the beginning of its establishment, Chairman Zhang planned that Zhongwangke would go to the capital market in the future and lead a group of entrepreneurs who are willing to give and work hard to become rich together!

The years cannot be turned back, and the time cannot be disappointed. From now on, China Wangke has turned a new page, and the family of China Wangke should be moreThe wind is strong before the waves, and it is not up to the youth to fight for the day and night.Let the light of life bloom with greater action, let the flower of dreams bloom!