The first phase of Dendrobium candidum seed diet training

In order to enhance the overall competitiveness and service capabilities of the franchisees of China Wangke, we have an in-depth understanding of Dendrobium officinale.+Principles and methods of seed dietotherapy and health preservation, application. The company specially invited Mr. Huang Dejun, chairman of Kangliang Group and the first person to practice the research and practice of provenance dietotherapy and health preservation, to do professional training for the owner of Zhongwangke.

Shopkeepers in the first training session

The first part of the meeting is the signing phase. Congratulations on reaching an alliance between China Wangke Group and Kangliang Group.

Zhongwangke Group Co., Ltd. signed a contract with Huang Zong of Kangliang Group.

The next signing is the signing of the district representative of Licheng District, Quanzhou. Congratulations to Mr. Jiang Junchen for obtaining the district representative qualification.

 Licheng District of Quanzhou signed the contract on behalf

The second part of the meeting was the wonderful training of Mr. Huang Dejun of Kangliang Group.

Everyone studied hard and the meeting was enthusiastic.

The third part of the meeting was to invite Liu Xingweimin, mentor of Zhongying Innovation Planning Service Center, to do a special sharing of store drainage for everyone.

Everyone listen attentively to "drainage sharing"

The fourth part of the meeting is to invite coach technical training mentor Tong Wei to share"How Coach Technology Empowers China Wangke"

Tong Wei Tutor Share

Everybody exchange

After the training, everyone shared: full harvest, confidence doubled!

The first phase of Dendrobium officinale+Seed training activities successfully concluded!