Dendrobium candidum seed diet training

3Month28On the 15th, the first phase of the training meeting on seed diet therapy of Dendrobium officinale was successfully held.


This training will attract a large number of health concerns, the pursuit of natural therapy people to participate. Guests attending the meeting included Mr. Lin Yunjian, chairman of the Jimei District Association for Science and Technology and former director of the Jimei District Health and Family Planning Bureau; Mr. Chen Dayu, a family of traditional Chinese medicine and founder of Guwen Hall; senior acupuncturist, Chinese green therapy-Ms. Wu Hong, the leader in the promotion of root sacral therapy and the founder of Wu's Moxibustion Hall of Traditional Chinese Medicine; There are also many Zhongwangke franchisees.


At the beginning of the training meeting, Mr. Zhang Mingwang, chairman of Zhongwangke Group, made a wonderful speech and briefly introduced the general situation of Dendrobium candidum dietotherapy program.


The next second link is the business school teacher Wang introduced in detail the relevant knowledge of seed diet. He pointed out that the original ecological seeds, as the carrier of plant life inheritance, contain rich nutrients, such as protein, vitamins, minerals and so on. Through reasonable collocation and eating methods, the nutritional value of seeds can be maximized to achieve the effects of strengthening the body, preventing diseases, and conditioning the body.


In the practice session, we will be taught on the spot how to use a special wall-breaking machine to make a diet package, and let everyone taste the seed milk produced on the spot.


The third part of the training meeting: Mr. Lin Yunjian, chairman of jimei district Association for Science and Technology, explained the magical application of Chinese medicine's balancing technique.


After the training meeting, the company also prepared a roast whole sheep set meal to entertain everyone. Everyone not only learned professional knowledge, but also feasted, shouting one by one!