Warmly Celebrate the Central Wangke Diet Health Management Center

4The month is the season of spring flowers,It is also the season for the recovery of all things, and the grand opening of two health management centers has also been ushered in by China Wangke!

Congratulations to Zhenjiang General Store! Congratulations to Anshan General Store!

Zhongwangke, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, Shidai General Store


Liaoning Anshan General Store of China Wangke Seed Diet Health Management Center


China Wangke (Xiamen) Information Group Co., Ltd. is owned by Australian Eagle Health Holdings Co., Ltd. (Australian Main Board listed, stock code.EHH) and Xiamen Yingjun Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. (listed on the New Third Board of the North Stock Exchange, stock code.872833), and Xiamen Yingjun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. co-founded. Relying on the background of two listed companies and the ability to integrate global resources, China Wangke focuses on the development of the big health industry, and promotes the landing of its brand physical store chain through the new thinking regional agency mechanism. From membership system to agents, it realizes the big data management of private e-commerce, and makes the traffic data landing win.

In the wangke positioning: seed dietotherapy health management center!

Targeted nutrition technology: precise solution to health pain points!

China Wangke and World Financial Holding Group formally signed a contract.





Central Wangke Seed Therapy Health Management Center,Leading the new trend of healthy life.brand newHealth management center respectivelyInZhenjiang City and Anshan CityOfficially opened, providing a full range of health and wellness places for local residents.The decoration style of the health museumtraditional cultureMainly, create a comfortable and warm atmosphere. The museum has a number of functional areas, includingLeisure area, Chinese medicine fumigation area, product display area, inspection area, physiotherapy areaAnd so on, to provide customers with a full range of health services.Customer access to health management center,Can experience Chinese medicine fumigation legs and feet, can experience light wave sonar tomography scanner to check the body, all-round inspection purposeTo provide customers with more scientific and personalized health programs.The museum can also do a variety of physical therapy projects. Through the internal and external adjustment, to achieve better conditioning sub-health, chronic disease effect.

Chairman Zhongwang Kizhang took a photo with Zhenjiang City's representatives at the opening ceremony.

Chinese medicine fumigation legs and feet


9DBody detection area

Company honor and technology exhibition area


Product display area








To celebrate the opening,The local Central Wangke Diet Health Management Center alsoLaunched a series of preferential activities, attracted many customers to come to experience. The atmosphere was warm, and customers spoke highly of the service and environment of the health center.


I believe that in the days to come,Central Wangke Diet Health Management CenterIt will become an ideal place for local residents to keep in good health and contribute to people's health and happy life.